Original  3 Day Demos....enjoy... created by Michael Savage aka Sirtony

"Great demo reel! It shows your range & qualities as an actor. As a producer & director, I'd hire you from what I see, just in this reel alone. You should have no problem getting work from it, get it out into the right hands. There are honest producers out there searching for Alice now, let them know you are ready with this reel." 

Joe Perez (Producer)


 Joseph Canchola wanted you to know

... "I could not have asked for a more wonderful demo and Acting

experiences as well. Working with Michael aka Sirtony ...through the entire

process was  amazing. I had so much fun and I enjoyed every minute.

Michael is truly an expert, genius, and artist that has a natural gift of vision.

He is able to see something in his mind and be able to make it a reality in such a short

period of time. Anyone can clearly tell from his work how much passion and pride he

has for all of his creations. Michael is a wonderful human being and I could never thank

him enough for what he

has done for me."  

                                                                               - Joseph Canchola -       

" Remember Michael aka Sirtony produces ...

writes ...directs...

shoots & Edits your Tailored made 

one of a kind demo...as well as the music score... "

 Brent Wendell Williams  (click on my name and see the work Michael has done for me)

  BLANCA BLANCO ... special One Minute demo... 

"Michael is an amazing director, producer and editor. He was such a professional and
pleasant person to work with. He works
with the actor to ensure that all elements are in place to
create a piece of art"

"Michael es un director, productor y editor excellente.
Es tan profesional y muy amable
durante el projecto. El trabaja directamente con el actor para
asegurarse que todos los
elementos esten desarollados para crear
una piesa de arte". 

Here is the work Michael created to create the demo...watch the process...:)






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