this is a special NEVER MET ...lives 3,000 miles away...emailed me footage ...and I created a demo in a few days...and a PIC Montage vid...3 Day Demo project ...correct never met... this is what can be done with the Tech and with a simple use of a Telephone to connect souls...and get the WORK created...Yes...there is no excuse to NOT market your abilities even if you are Thousands of miles away...enjoy the Work I created with my heroic Client...CHRISTOPHER CLARK...yes...Christopher went to all my sites watched all my work and contacted me...that simple...

TESTIMONIAL by Christopher Clark....

My experience with Michael Savage aka SIRTONY is the most wonderful story I can tell that has a 3000-mile space between us. I have talked with a lot of people in the business, none of them had a fraction of the wisdom that Michael showed and told me. My only regret is that we didn’t connect in year one of my journey instead of year 7; I chose this profession because it is the hardest to get into, but the rewards are immeasurable. But it is fraught with pitfalls that can have you running around in circles Michael cut through 7 years of BS and showed me what I NEEDED to do. The time he took with me, and the care and concern he showed without judgment or criticisms alone is priceless. I have done a lot of work, and Michael showed me the value that I had in that work and how to use that value. Mr. Savage quoted Mr. Roosevelt in saying, “Do what you can with what you have, where you are...”, even if he’s in Los Angeles and I’m in New York. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with SIRTONY, and will be indebted to him for his compassion and tireless desire to help out people of this planet. This man is a very special person, and in this day and age extremely rare. Thank you, thank you, thank you Michael.


Christopher J. Clark

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